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Meet the parents day!

Today was such an exciting and important day in our journey to bringing a gorgeous puppy furbaby into our home.  

Why? Well, last week we finally made the commitment to bring another puppy into our life and, having put our name down with a breeder, the time had come to meet with the breeder face to face and also to meet furbaby mum in “paw”-son :).

Being a Mindful Puppy

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 Obviously I have been thinking about nothing else from the moment I came home from work on Friday and, to be quite honest, my free moments at work were given over to daydreams about this exciting and important event. 

We already had photos of mum and dad of our future puppy sent to us from the breeder.  Of the two litters, both dads don’t live with the breeder but both mums do. What’s that I hear you yell – two mums? Yes! Two mums so that’s two litters at roughly the same time – so double the amount of adorable wonderful blessed Border Collie pups arriving in this world!





What’s the big deal I hear you ask?

Well, I suppose that a lot of people would wonder what the big deal is  – it’s not as if I get to meet lots of puppies and have playtime, and I also didn’t get to take home a puppy :(. 

But actually, this was the first step in lots of important ways:

  1. I got to meet pregnant mum and see her personality in an authentic setting – her home.
  2. I got to see the conditions in which the breeders was keeping their dogs.
  3. I got to meet the breeders and really get an understanding of their values and priorities with regard to their pregnant girl and also the litter to come.
  4. Just as important –  the breeders got to meet me and Darran. Yes – it’s a two-way street. Not only do I want to know that the puppy is coming from a reputable breeder who cares about health, hygiene and quality breeding, but the breeders also want to know what kind of people we are as there is no way that they will sell one of their puppies to people they have no confidence in.


The visit to Penteronda Border Collies was fantastic! We arrived to see fully fenced and well maintained kennels surrounding the breeders’ home. Two excited mums were brought out immediately to meet us and we were formally introduced following traditional Border Collie protocols (you know!!)  Within a few minutes we were all happy families sharing Border Collie anecdotes of our own while the breeders shared with us their background and great love and appreciation of the breed and especially their furbabies and their lifelong commitment to them. 

We drove home with happy hearts ready to prepare our home for the newest member of our family …. 

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