Cambridge Puppy Preschool Classes for 8-16 week old Puppies

Your new puppy deserves the best start in life it can possibly have so start it the right way with our Mindfulness puppy preschool classes.

This course will set you and your puppy up for success, it will allow you to provide a force-free, positively enriched environment for your puppy to grow and thrive as it takes it first steps in this big wide world. Between the ages of 8 weeks and 16 weeks your puppy will be making behavioural strategies that it will continue to use throughout its entire life. Just image how sweet life could be, if all those choices were the right ones.

Please Note:

  • Your puppy must be up to date with their vaccinations (at least 1st) and worming to attend this puppy preschool course, please check with your vet if you are unsure before booking.
  • Your puppy is aged between 8-15 weeks at the beginning of the course.
  • Proof of 1st vaccination and age will be asked for on the first session.
  • To give your puppy the best experience, one adult handler (16 years +) is expected to be with the puppy during the training. There is a viewing area for others to sit and watch during the class.
  • All class content can be viewed online after the class in our private Facebook group.

1) Does my puppy need to have finished their vaccinations to attend a preschool class?

Your puppy will need to have had their first vaccination to attend a class. All our venues for our preschool classes are inside. The venues will not have had un-vaccinated dogs present at anytime so the risk of infection is low. Our trainers also clean the venues with vet grade cleaner before the class to ensure your puppies safety. If you are very concerned then make sure that your puppy is carried from yoru car to the inside of the venue.

2) Will my puppy be playing with dog that are a diffrent size to him?

We generally allow all puppies to play together during our set puppy play times. As we understand the behaviour behind the play session we ensure that the experience is positive for all puppies. All play session are heavily manged by the trainers to ensure that both big and small puppies enjoy their play sessions.

3) Can the whole family be invovled the puppies training?

Yes and no. During the class we ask that you choose one person to work with your puppy. This is really important as your puppy will be able to concentrate much better when only one person is communicating with them. Other family members can watch from the viewing areas and learn. Family members that cannot attend can always catch up with the online support course material.

4) I bought the puppy for my child, can they be the handler for the class?

Our policy is that the handler of the puppy must be over 16 years of age. There is a really good reason for this. The 8-16 weeks period is super important for your puppies development, in th esame way that the first 3 years of your own children development is really important. This is the time when their personality and motivations are being formed. We trust adults to teach our children at this age because its so important, so we apply the same logic to our puppies.

5) Do I need to bring treats to the class?

During our puppy preschool classes we will be advising that you use treats. Motivation is very important when teaching puppies, and at this age most puppies are highly motivated by food. But don’t worry we also teach you how to train with treats the correct way, so your dog doesnt become dependent of treats.

6) I heard that puppy preschool is only important for puppies to meet other dogs?

Your puppy’s body is growing quickly and so is their brain. Our preschool classes are heavily focussed on what is important for your puppy’s development during this period of their development, teh socialisation period. Although are class have an element of puppy play, there is also a strong emphasis on desensitisation of new people, object, sounds as well as other dogs, a process called habituation. If done correctly this process can act as a SOCIAL VACCINATION and can help your dog to not develop behavioural issues as they grow older.  And ofd course there is a lot of leasrning to done by yourself.

Puppy Preschool Classes - Mindfulness4dogs

Brilliant classes. A definite must for all new dog owners and great for previous dog owners too. The classes built on what I already knew with a lot of new tips and trick to learn also. Very highly recommended.

Fiona and Mosley

We would highly recommend Puppy Preschool for Puppies at Mindfulness4dogs. The skills that we learned with Carla gave us huge insight into how Amber behaves and how as an owner we can enhance it or be an obstacle. Needless to say we learnt a lot! Do the course you and your pup will be happy that you did.’

Sharon and Amber

Cambridge Puppy Preschool Classes – Blackhawk Pet Foods

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