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Darran Rowe has been working with behavioural cases for over 20 years dealing with aggression towards dogs and people as well as anxiety based issues. Recently he has completed and passed his 2nd year (Post Graduate Diploma equiv) in his Masters studies in Clinical Animal Behaviour at the Royal Dicks Veterinary College, Edingburgh University.

With dog training being an unregulated industry in New Zealand knowing that your Canine Behaviourist is qualified with an Internationally recognised qualification ensures that you are getting the right person for the job. Darran is also the current President of the Association of Professional Dog Traininers New Zealand (APDTNZ).

We look at the problems from all angles and create the best online dog training program for positively transforming your dog’s behaviour. We can direct you through your training journey from the comfort of your living room via our online consultations and online training platform.

Essentially these 60 minutes sessions are the same as any other lesson, but you have different options for training afterwards which include, ongoing online support, online tutorials, video instruction and course subscription.


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