Things must be getting busy at Penteronda Border Collies, with both litters getting big now. Where has the time gone? it feels like only yesterday, they were just little babies huddled close to mum, opposed to these big balls of fluff roaming around and causing trouble. Last weekend, we confirmed with Penteronda Border Collies, that baby Crush aka Baby Po, would be joining our small family. We were overjoyed at the news of our new addition, and couldn’t wait to bring him home…

The countdown had begun, T – minus 10 days.

Now that we had a date for Po first homecoming, we needed to focus the puppy preparations needing to be done. We knew that Po would be coming home with a few key items i.e. Collar, but we knew there was some other items we still needed to get.

These were a Puppy pen and a medium sized crate; these two items make the ‘Puppy Bedroom’. A puppy bedroom is essentially a Puppy play pen set up somewhere in the middle of your home, with a crate inside it. In this Pen, Po will spend 75% of his time eating, sleeping, playing and watching us. The other 25% of his time, will be spent with myself or Daniel but only when we can dedicate 100% of our attention to him.

Now, you might ask ‘Why should we have a puppy bedroom?’ Because the puppy bedroom set up allows your puppy to remain safe within the home environment. For example, within our home, Po’s bedroom has been set up within our dining room area (centre of the house), so that he can watch and learn our daily routines without impeding on the activities.

Allowing us the freedom to walk around doing tasks without having to worry about what he is doing or accidentally stepping on him. Through our interactions with Po in and around his bedroom, we can create a positive association with that space, making it his fun and safe space. We achieve this through lots of cuddles, play time and treats being given while we’re in the pen with him. With all this positivity surrounding the bedroom, it will help puppy become more comfortable with being alone for periods of time, and prevent separation/loneliness crying.

Finally, another great perk about the puppy bedroom, is that it minimises the chances of  ‘undesirable’ behaviours being learnt. For example: When I leave Po within his ‘bedroom’, he only has access to the toys I’ve given him like his kong or nyla bone. Therefore, he doesn’t have access to my furniture or shoes, and doesn’t have the opportunity to start chewing on them meaning he doesn’t learn the behaviour for later.

With all this in mind, I highly recommend setting up a puppy bedroom, if you are getting a new puppy. It is one of the many fundamental steps that will set your puppy down the right path towards being an emotionally balanced dog.

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