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Strike a Pose.

Wow – I know that puppy socialisation is key to ensuring that a puppy grows up as balanced as can be, but I really did not expect to have the opportunity to get our puppies in front of a specialist animal photographer!  I have loads of photos and mini-videos of  puppies that I have taken on my lovely smartphone – to the point that I filled up my storage and had to get the Darran to move them to the computer so that I could start again.  

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There is such a difference between me grabbing my phone to capture a cute moment in action, and the experience of a puppy being in a new venue, with different backgrounds, props, backlights, and a proper camera held by a photographer staring into their little faces! 

With this doggy photoshoot, we learned from the expertise of Rachel Haakma – Hairydog Photography who lead our puppies through an hour of differently posed photos, with different backgrounds. 

She clearly knew what she was doing, using treats, her voice, and her props to make the experience a positive one for our gorgeous furbabes!

The final result is a beautiful set of digital and standard photos that we bought as part of a photo package. The only reason they are not up yet as we cannot decide which one to put up where! Ah – the danger of having more than one fantastic photo!  They are all such good quality and have captured a moment in our puppies’ lives that has already long gone.

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