Confirmation has been given that there will be a new puppy on the block very soon, joining the Mindfulness4Dogs team! On the 7th August 2021, Myself and Daniel confirmed the new addition to our family, and the Mindfulness4dogs team. A handsome little red and white Border Collie boy will soon be coming home with us in 12 days’ time!

How are hearts melted watching the videos…

We were over the moon when we received the announcement that Shanny from Penteronda Border Collies was expecting puppies, and so the countdown to the birth-day began! As her due date approached, the anticipation grew, and we eagerly awaited the news…..and finally on the 30th June, Shanny and Jack welcomed 5 beautiful puppies in the world! How our hearts melted watching the videos of these little wriggly babies all huddled up close to mum; leaving no doubt in my mind that these puppies would receive the best care possible from mum and breeder.

Over the next five weeks, these puppies grew and flourished under mums’ watchful eye. With adoring eyes, we watched as the little wrigglers started putting on weight, moving around, making noise, and eventually opened their eyes.

The photos/videos provided by Rhea (the Breeder) gave us the opportunity to stay up to date with the pups progression and get an understanding for the different personalities within the litter.

From the beginning, ‘Crush’ caught our eye and our hearts. As he seemed to have the personality of a class clown; as we always saw videos of him rough and tumbling and playing the game of ‘mouth tag’.

As Puppy visitation day rolled around, we excitedly headed out to Rotorangi to meet our potential new family member, and upon arrival, we were meet with the cutest sight of all five puppies staring at us from their outside pen.

As we approached with Rhea, the puppies seemed a bit hesitant about approaching us; so, we decided to sit down next to the pen and see what happened. After a minute or two, Crush eventually came in closer to say hello and very quickly became inseparable from Daniel. As much as we believe that we choose the puppy, I believe in this instance the puppy chose us. After a chat with Rhea, we confirmed he would be the perfect fit into our expanding family. So Mindfulness4Dogs family, give a warm welcome to Marco Apollo aka Po.

Our furry little red Panda (Whether the Kung Fu moves come with him is yet to be seen)

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