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In my head I’ve got so many busy thoughts now. First one is – EIGHT WEEKS. 

Normally in New Zealand, you can bring your puppy home at eight weeks old.  It may be a bit longer as, with our wonderful breeder, she will check the weight and health of the puppy and only release them to their new home if they are at the right weight and health to be able to transition safely.

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So, I have an eight week countdown as a minimum to do lots of wonderful pre – puppy things. The tasks that are jumbling round in my head, and not in any particular order are : 

  • Choice of puppy
  • Get a puppy collar
  • Get a puppy lead
  • Get puppy food bowl and water bowl 
  • Prepare a puppy bedroom
  • Set up puppy crate in puppy bedroom.
  • Make final decision on a name.
  • Choose and buy in the right puppy food.

So much to do – but actually not lots of things to do right now, just decisions to make. Since I have eight weeks, there is actually plenty of time and this is all of the really easy stuff. I like to think of it as preparing for a puppy – shower – you know a baby shower but much cuter? 

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