A wonderful competitive career comes to an end.

After an amazing career in agility both in the UK and New Zealand I have decided to let Lemon be the dog that encourages and help my other up and coming stars.

Lemon is now nearly 12 years old and we have decided that really competitive agility is just a little bit too much for him now. Not that you would think so if you saw him run, he’ll still out compete a 4 year old. Unfortunately the next few days are not the best for him. The mind may still be as alert as ever but the body needs more time to recover. So he is now going to run for fun with my wife.

Lemon has continued to thrill and motivate me in his agility career. We have had some of the best times in our lives with this little dog. He is a special one that’s for sure.

Lemon will now be my training dog, helping me to teach other dogs how to do agility to the best of their ability as well as supporting my other up and coming little stars, Magic, Ginger and Fred.

Well done Mohican, you continue to be a huge star.