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Of course I start with this – the first treasured picture is of mum with the litter – newlyborn. It’s too early to distinguish them so we trust in to the future and wait for later photos.

One week later, our breeder Rhea shares with us on facebook the individual pictures of each puppy – each identified with a different coloured collar and an initial name.


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What fun! Darran and I try very hard not to associate a characteristic from the collar colour or the choice of name. In the end – it just makes the whole process of eyes being glued to the facebook photos that much more exciting and adorable. I am officially in love with all of the puppies and want to take them all home! It’s okay – I know that’s wrong and I could never be a good home for ALL those puppies. Let’s face it – the truth is I couldn’t afford to buy them all even if I could convince myself that I could be a good furmomma for them all!

I am  a strong believer in the concept that the puppy chooses me and not the other way around. Lots of people would scoff at this idea however that really does not bother me. We all have different takes on belief, consciousness, right and wrong. For me, the very idea of “mindfulness” links back through hundreds and hundreds of years of human existence where we discover and accept that we are all capable of connecting and learning with and from each other outside of the limitations of the human literate age and modern empirical science.

So, some might call it prayer or asking the universe, but I sat and asked for the right puppy to choose me as I went through looking at all the puppy photos, steadily and slowly. Initially I had no idea. Darran was convinced that I should get a boy and I had concurred but as I kept looking through the photos – I just was not getting any particular preference. I then looked at Darran and said I really think that the boy idea is not going to work. As soon as I said that, the photo of one of Shanny’s girls just jumped out at me and I knew instantly that she was the one. Straightaway, Darran messaged Rhea saying I had fallen for Shanny’s little girl called “Sleepy”. Darran fell in love with ‘Mowgli’ a little Blue and white. Both puppies are now reserved!!!!


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