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Preschool Stars

(Puppies aged 8 – 14 weeks)

Preschool Stars - Puppy Preschool Classes

Leash Stars

(Dogs aged 4 months plus)


Social Stars

(Dogs aged 4 months plus)

Puppy Social Stars

Scent Work Stars

(Dogs aged 4 months plus)

Scent Work Stars
Darran and Papia - Mindfulness4dogs

Our team of trainers based in the Waikato and soon to be the Taranaki, can teach you and your dog how to understand each other. We take the mystery out of dog training so that you can get long lasting results.

Supported by Darran & Papia Rowe, they have combined their qualifications and vast experience  – as Teachers, Professional Dog Trainers, Clinical Animal Behaviourists and Linguists – to create an easy to learn yet powerful approach to dog training a way to communicate with your dog in a way they understand, helping you both to become ‘Bowlingual®’.

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