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Becoming Bowlingual®

It’s an exciting time, your puppy has arrived. Now the crazy stuff starts. We want to be there to help you through the roller coaster ride that is ‘THE PUPPY JOURNEY’.

Becoming Bowlingual® will help you to set the foundation behaviours at the right time. The first 6 months are so important to your puppy’s development.

There are going to be times when they are sweet calm little angels and then there will be times when they are crazy little monsters. But don’t worry we are here to help.

We’ve raised numerous puppies through the years and in this online program we share all our tips and secrets that have helped us to raise calm and confident puppies without the day to day drama!


Meet some of our Puppies

Want a calm and relaxed puppy?

Having the online puppy preschool enables my clients to confidently transition into puppy parents regardless if they have had dogs before. As a breeder I am so grateful that Mindfulness 4 dogs has such a comprehensive programme which covers all aspects of force-free training in easy to digest modules of videos and written material. At Bellawai Goldendoodles and Golden Retrievers I use the same concepts learned from Darran and Papia with my  breeding dogs and clients puppies. The transition with the same lingo I’m sure makes it easier for the puppy at such a significant time as going to their forever home. 
Maria (Breeder of George and Maggie)

Bellawai Dogs, Kerikeri

You can have the Dream Puppy!

Even if you were Dr Dolittle and could perfectly communicate with your doggo, their obedience would still be down to the relationship that you have with them. We help you to develop your relationship with your furry friend – i.e. for you to better understand them and for them to better understand you.

Babytalk – We combine tone, emotion and timing in the use our words and gestures to build the basic pathways between our own young and ourselves. Our puppies need the same level of support to set up the foundations that they need to learn the doggo lingo that we can also use to communicate with each other.  

Food is great. We can use the love of food to build a great relationship between your dog and you. We also promote the choices that your dog makes to build their own confidence and skill set in how to problem solve using what motivates them to learn the best.

Easy to watch video tutorials in bite size portions. All are videos are between 2-7 mins which means you can watch them anytime and anywhere without having a massive impact on your normal busy life.

With clear daily and weekly routines to make sure your know what your puppy should be doing when. We also have numerous e-books on the most important topics for raising a puppy.

A problem shared is a problem halved. Join the Mindfulness4dogs Community and get advice from either a trainer or a self made puppy expert that have become Bowlingual® way of life.

This is what Carly Flyn from Today FM said about our 

Online Puppy Program

“Mindfulness4dogs runs a fantastic online video service which we’ve signed up for with 2-3 minute videos. I’m making everybody watch them because we want to have the same commands. Your videos, Darran, are so great they are so straight forward and we are watching them and following them. We’ve read a lot of your stuff, Darran and watched the videos beforehand. Anyone getting a new puppy right now that’s what I’d be suggesting to do.”



Our Philosophy and Vision

Darran and Papia - Mindfulness4dogs
Since the dawn of human history, man has engineered their perfect companion – the domesticated dog. We have made them small and fluffy to big and ferociously protective – as well as big and fluffy to small and ferociously protective. Yet, dogs have still remained dogs – and we all still need to learn to understand them as well as learn how to help them to understand us – so that they can comfortably live with us in our homes.

Gaining this understanding is just like learning a new language. However, just as with humans, 80-90% of how a dog communicates is non-verbal (i.e. body language). What is more, since we can’t teach them to speak, and they cannot understand our words, we need to learn how to communicate with them via their peculiar doggy body language. Obviously, this is not a natural form of communication: we need help to learn it and it takes practice to master it.

The good news is, we can all learn this language and, if we work with our dog when it is just a puppy, we can both quickly learn together to understand each other – no problem. So now you need a great teacher. Not just someone who understands the language, but someone who understands how to teach this language to you. They also need to be a linguist and a behaviourist skilled in the body language and gestures used by your dog.

The author Darran Rowe – Clinical Animal Behaviourist is regularly featured on TV and Radio.

Including the Children

Darran and Papia are amazing! They went above and beyond to understand all aspects of our life – family dynamic, lifestyle, house layout etc – to ensure they gave recommendations and advice that suit us and little Alfie to a tee.  An example was suggesting our 5 year old read to our puppy to encourage calm interactions that didn’t result in high energy play. We had a zoom coaching session to get us started and have since used the online BabyTalk Bowlingo®  program to continue our education. The online program is excellent and steps you through the learning in easy to follow modules with excellent resources.
Dave Robertson and Alfie


Let’s Make Puppy Success Together through Becoming Bowlingual®

If you want the best for your puppy, and want to relax and have fun as you navigate  the first 10 weeks of your puppy journey, then you need to learn to communicate with your puppy in a language they understand — called Bowlingo®.

Bowlingo® is the language puppies use to communicate — which is 90% body language. More over, it is also the language of relationships.

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