After a long gap in One In A Millions agility training we have finally started to go to club practise again, now we are in New Zealand. She hasn’t forgotten anything she learnt and had a great time at the practise sessions in Orewa last Wednesday. So on a very rainy Sunday I decided to enter her for the Orewa Dog training club agility show, down in south Auckland.

I wasn’t quite sure what we were going to get from the mad merle today, but to my surprise she was mad no longer, infact she was positively calm. It had taken a journey all the way to the other side of the world for this little dog to calm down. After all her grandfather was a New Zealand Collie so I suppose she has come home?

Anyway we were in Elementary A, and we had a lovely wait on the start line. Then she took off like lightning over the jumps and into the tunnel. For the first time she flowed around the course with ease. Finally my directions and her enthusiasm seemed to click and everything went right. We had one little hickup on a jump, which cost us a few seconds, but otherwise perfect. And as a result of her wonderful effort, her first agility run in NZ gave her a lovely red and white 4th place rosette.

Awesome girly…