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Naming a puppy

Wow – this can be such a controversial topic can’t it?

In homes with children, parents often try to include the children by having them pick the name of the puppy. This is seen as the first step in the child taking responsibility for the puppy. In any culture, a puppy’s name will have to fit in with the culture and language of the country its human parent/ family live in. 

Being a Mindful Puppy

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A couple cementing their relationship by taking on their first baby, that is – a puppy, will often find the naming their first introduction to a real “domestic”.  Often times I have heard of people storming off in a rage in disgust at the proposed dog’s name with ” There’s no way I’m calling that name out in the park!”. 

What about the dog?

Interesting isn’t it? With the best of intentions, the needs of the dog often don’t come into this discussion of a choice of name.  After all, dogs don’t need human vocal names to communicate with each other – they are much smarter!

So – how do you take into account the needs of your dog? It’s important to keep the name short with some clear sounds. This means that the sound is easy to distinguish from other sounds when called.  If you look at the names I have chosen for our dogs over the years – the end sound is quite deliberately different e.g.Bru -see,, Quee – nee, Fre dee, Gin-ger.

Even if your dog’s full name is honouring three passions of yours e.g. Winter Cherry Blossom Pinks – give yourself and your dog a chance with a shorter version e.g. Win – ta or Che -ree. 

I would always recommend you have a name that is either one clear syllable or two (two sounds). With one clear sound/ syllable the pup has a good chance of distinguishing it from human sentences not related to them  e.g. Jack / Ted/ Pup … With two syllables/sounds  – this allows you to start calling your dog’s name and then he/she picks it up at the end of the second sound. It gives the dog a bit more time to process, without getting confused with other names somebody else might be calling. 

Announcing the names of our border collie pups

I would like to suggest that we spent hours and hours discussing and deliberating over the names of these two newest members of our family. But no – that would be an outright lie unfortunately. 

Darran has no say in the naming of our dogs. But I do take into him into account and I do have my own boundaries!

With no further ado, I am pleased to announce that …..

             Sleepy is now…. Twinkle  Mowgli is now……..  Star   



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