North Shore Dog Training Club, New Zealand. Starters Midi (20-11-2011).

Well after a long rest from agility due to illness Mohican and me hit the agility world again, but this time in New Zealand. Yes we shipped all our dogs over to New Zealand for a lifestyle change. The boy is now nearly 9 coming on 10 years of age, so I didn’t want to do too much agility with him here, mainly just for exercise. Also as the sizing is different here he can run as a midi, so much lower jump heights.

Anyway I took him down to one of the agility shows in Auckland and he had a ball. He was up against some very fast and younger dogs. So when he came in with a 1st place for agility it was a wonderful surprise. It just goes to show, skill wins out over speed in agility every time.

So after originally thinking I was going to retire Lemon gracefully from agility, I have now decided that if he wants to carry on running then I’ll run him. Also have to run my other collie now as she is really enjoying agility here too.

Welldone Mohican, you continue to be a little star.